How Your Website Structure Can Affect Your SEO Strategies

How Your Website Structure Can Affect Your SEO Strategies

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A well-organized website structure makes it easier for users to understand and navigate your website. With multiple pages on a website, it’s essential to organize the content in a way that makes sense. The website design near me is important in SEO (search engine optimization) and user experience.

Understand why site structure is important for SEO Tacoma and how you can improve the organization of your website to improve search rankings.

Website Structure that Affects SEO Strategies

1. Poor Designs

A website is the first interaction a potential client has with your business, so it must be designed to provide them with a positive experience; it is also an important factor in maintaining a strong search engine ranking.

These factors influence Google’s decision to rank a page higher or lower, including click-through rate, time spent on the site, and bounce rate. Therefore, Google will interpret users who spend little or no time on your website as having a poor user experience.

Positive user experiences are likely to be influenced by the following factors:

  • The navigation structure should be intuitive and clear to help users easily find what they’re looking for
  • The use of pop-ups is minimal
  • Instead of a long text panel, use images, infographics, or videos to break up long panels in easy-to-read font and size.

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2. Confusing Navigation Structure

The information architecture of your website by a website developer near me heavily influences user experience. When visitors leave your site without viewing other pages, your bounce rate reflects how easily they can find the information they’re looking for.

It may be because users need help navigating to relevant content or completing an action if your bounce rate is high.
Furthermore, your bounce rate has a direct impact on your ranking, as well as causing you to miss out on potential leads. Your rankings for important keywords will be impacted if you have a high bounce rate, as search engines interpret this as a sign that your website needs to meet user expectations.

Search engines can also crawl your website more easily if it has a clear, hierarchical website infrastructure and decides how your content should rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

3. Low Website Speed

Having a website that loads quickly is one of search engines’ most important ranking factors. You can influence how fast your website loads by the way it is designed. As a rule, your website should load in less than a second.

4. Mobile Friendliness

Generally, mobile-friendly web design in Tacoma performs better than those not designed to be user-friendly, so it is worth making sure your site looks great on mobile devices and functions exactly how it is intended to.
Regarding mobile optimization, several factors must be considered, including the design, structure, page speed, and many other aspects of a website.

What can be done to improve the Website structure?

1. Organize your structure logically

The structure of your website must be logical to make navigation easy. Make your website search engine friendly with the help of a digital marketing agency Tacoma by setting up a website structure that will help search engines crawl it and visitors find information easily.

2. Dispose of old content

Remove old, outdated content from your website. If you delete a page, redirect its URL to prevent visitors from reaching a dead end, increasing the possibility that they’ll leave.

3. Analyze categories

A category with many pages should be divided into separate categories to ensure visitors are manageable. In contrast, broader categories can replace small categories with few pages.

4. Keep important pages visible

Having important pages buried deep within your website hurts the usability and crawlability of the site. A good website should have a ‘shallow’ navigation system, which allows any page to be accessed in three steps or less.

5. Simplify your URL structure

For simplicity, your URL structure should follow your site’s hierarchy in terms of its hierarchy. For example, look at Sales & Marketing Technologies’ URL structure, divided into three headings: home page, category, and page.

Consult a Professional for Website Design in Tacoma

You can count on Valor Marketing to build your site correctly.

As website design and seo services in Tacoma, growing website design technology has changed how we design websites for businesses of all types. We know search engines revere mission-driven sites, making them critical for website design throughout.

We take all clients as unique entities with unique market segments, and our goal is to define your organization’s purpose with a Tacoma website design that directs new business volume directly to you:

  • Innovative website design
  • A website that loads quickly
  • Browser-friendly website
  • Visually appealing website design


A business’s website design and SEO have traditionally been separate aspects. There is, however, some blurring of the lines now.

Search engine optimization requires a well-designed website that provides a better user experience. Understanding these two aspects is crucial in ensuring your website remains at the top of SERPs. They are intertwined, and both play an important role.

It’s always best to hire a digital marketing agency near me like Valor to help you out!

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