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Boost Your Business: The New Social Media Marketing Plans From Valor Marketing LLC

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In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with customers on a more personal level. Recognizing the immense potential that social media marketing holds, Valor Marketing LLC is thrilled to introduce our new suite of social media marketing plans designed to elevate your business’s online presence. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to give your existing social media efforts a significant boost, our tailored solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs of every business owner.

Three Different Social Media Plans For Business Owners

Valor Social Kick Start, Valor Social Spark & Valor Social Surge

Valor Marketing LLC proudly presents three-tiered social media plans, meticulously crafted to suit businesses at varying stages of their digital journey. Our “Valor Social Kick Start” offers foundational strategies to establish your online presence. The “Valor Social Spark” elevates this with enhanced posting frequencies and targeted engagement tactics. For businesses aiming for the pinnacle of social media influence, the “Valor Social Surge” unleashes our most robust marketing maneuvers and superior content curation. Each plan is engineered to propel your business forward, irrespective of its current social media footprint.

Valor Social Kick Start

$600 Per month + $100 set up fee

Valor Social Spark

 $850 Per Month + $100 set up fee

Valor Social Surge

$1100 Per Month + $100 set up fee

The Social Platforms We Will Post To On Behalf Of Our Clients

Valor Marketing LLC recognizes the importance of a multi-platform strategy in today’s fragmented digital ecosystem. That’s why our social media marketing plans include a comprehensive range of platforms to ensure your business captures the widest audience possible. We strategically post to Facebook and Instagram, tapping into their vast user bases and dynamic advertising capabilities. X and LinkedIn are also key components of our strategy, allowing us to reach professionals and niche communities effectively. YouTube and TikTok cater to the growing demand for video content, providing platforms where your brand can showcase creativity and engage users with visual storytelling. Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with users through inspiring visual content, driving both engagement and traffic. Finally, Google My Business plays a crucial role in local search visibility, ensuring your business is easily discoverable by those in your vicinity. By leveraging the strengths of each of these platforms, Valor Marketing LLC aims to create a diverse and impactful online presence for your business, connecting you with your audience no matter where they spend their time online.

At Valor Marketing LLC, our passion for creativity meets strategy in the content we craft for our clients. From eye-catching graphics that stop your audience mid-scroll to compelling video snippets that tell your brand’s story in seconds, we deliver content that captivates and communicates effectively. Our repertoire includes designing informative infographics that distill complex data into digestible visuals, sparking curiosity and sharing knowledge. We don’t stop there; our team produces engaging blog posts that invite your audience into a dialogue, encouraging active participation and deepening their connection to your brand. Each post is a carefully considered piece of your digital mosaic, designed to reflect your brand’s identity while meeting the interests and needs of your audience. Through a blend of visual, textual, and interactive content, we aim to keep your social media channels not just active, but alive with engagement and interaction.

Every post we create is designed to maximize engagement and brand presence on social media. Understanding the importance of visual appeal in digital content, we ensure that each post is accompanied by a high-quality image or graphic that resonates with our client’s brand and audience. For businesses without a repository of images, don’t worry. We offer a solution by utilizing royalty-free, lifestyle images or carefully selected licensed stock images that are industry-specific, ensuring your content always has a professional and polished look. Additionally, we understand the power of words and visuals working together. That’s why every post is crafted with a compelling caption that speaks directly to your audience, encouraging interaction and strengthening your online community. To further amplify your content‘s reach, we strategically incorporate relevant hashtags, enhancing visibility and discoverability across social media platforms. For clients seeking a more customized visual identity, we provide the option to create bespoke graphics. This add-on service allows for the development of unique, brand-specific visuals that truly set your content apart in the crowded social media space. Through this comprehensive approach, we ensure that every piece of content we produce is a step forward in building a stronger, more engaging online presence for your business.

At Valor Marketing LLC, we pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity when it comes to the financial aspects of our social media marketing services. For clients who already have an established online presence, our setup fees are designed to seamlessly integrate our strategies with your existing profiles, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate commencement of our tailored marketing plans. For those who are just embarking on their social media journey or looking to enhance their digital footprint, setup fees are structured as follows: Facebook and Instagram profile creation is priced at $200, laying the foundation for your business’s online identity on these crucial platforms. For additional platforms such as X, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, which each cater to unique audiences and offer distinct advantages, profile creation is available at $100 per platform. This approach allows businesses to customize their social media presence according to their specific needs and goals, providing a flexible and cost-effective way to jumpstart their digital marketing efforts. For clients who have all of these profiles already set up, there is a simple one-time 125.00 set-up fee. It’s important to note that these fees are exclusive to the creation of social media profiles, ensuring that your business is poised to engage with its audience across the most relevant platforms from the get-go.

Facebook + Instagram Profile Creation    $200

Other platforms’ profile creation                $100 per platform

(X, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Upon successfully enrolling in one of our social media marketing plans, the journey to amplifying your online presence commences with a straightforward onboarding process. You’re guided to complete an onboarding form and survey that allows us to gather essential information about your business, your brand, and your specific marketing goals. This critical step ensures that our strategies are tailor-made to fit your business’s unique needs and aspirations. Once your submission is received, our dedicated onboarding team diligently reviews the information provided. We may reach out with additional questions, seeking clarifications or further details to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your vision and objectives. This collaborative dialogue is key to fine-tuning our approach and aligning our efforts with your expectations. With the onboarding process finalized and all pertinent details approved, our creative gears start turning. Within just 4 days, our team of content creators begins the exciting work of crafting the initial posts and strategies that will kickstart your brand’s journey toward a stronger, more engaging social media presence. This efficient, streamlined process ensures that your business doesn’t just venture into the digital world but thrives in it from the outset.

Determining what to post for our clients starts with a deep dive into understanding their unique business landscape. We kick off this process by providing our clients with a comprehensive survey designed to uncover vital insights into their business operations, industry trends, available resources, intended target audience, and specific marketing objectives. This foundational step enables us to capture a detailed snapshot of our client’s business environment and aspirations. By analyzing this rich pool of information, we are equipped to identify the most relevant content themes, topics, and formats that align with our client’s brand values and resonate with their target audience. This strategic approach ensures that our content creation is not only purposeful but perfectly tailored to showcase the unique selling propositions of our clients, fostering meaningful engagement and building a cohesive online presence that accurately reflects their brand identity. Through this meticulous planning and insight gathering, we pave the way for social media content that genuinely speaks to the audience, driving interest and interaction in a crowded digital world.

At Valor Marketing LLC, the responsibility of bringing your brand’s voice to life on social media falls to our in-house team of content curators based in the US and Canada. Our talented team is at the heart of our content creation process, meticulously researching your client surveys to ensure each post resonates with your brand’s unique ethos and audience. Their expertise in crafting compelling narratives, striking visuals, and engaging posts sets the foundation for a dynamic and influential social media presence. With a deep understanding of current trends and analytics, they strategically tailor content to capture the essence of your business, fostering meaningful connections with your audience. Our team’s commitment to excellence and passion for storytelling empowers your brand to thrive in the bustling world of social media.

Embracing social media as a marketing avenue is an exercise in patience and persistence. The journey to realizing tangible returns from these platforms extends beyond short-term gains, focusing instead on cultivating brand loyalty and a community around your business. This foundational strategy sets the stage for sustainable growth, reinforcing the importance of a consistent and quality-driven content approach. As we navigate this path together, the value of these efforts will become increasingly apparent, laying a robust groundwork for future profitability and brand recognition.

At Valor Marketing LLC, our mission is to elevate your brand’s digital footprint across the vast social media landscape. Through our social media marketing plans, we expertly guide your business in harnessing the power of social media to forge meaningful connections, enhance brand visibility, and foster a loyal community of followers. With a strategic blend of creativity and analytics, we ensure your business stands out, driving engagement and paving the way for long-term success. Dive into the digital social age with Valor Marketing LLC by your side, and watch your brand flourish online.


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