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A Complete Process for your next SEO Ad  PPC Website SEM Project

Our team is ready to help you grow your business.  Whether you’re starting SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management, Online Reviews Management, Geofencing, Retartgeing Ads, or Curated Audience Targeting Ads, we’re here to help guide you along our process.


Getting To Know Your Business

During the consultation it’s our goal to learn more about your business, the services you offer and what your current goals for your business.  Here are some questions we’ll ask that will help us determine what marketing strategy is right for your business:

  1. How much more work can you handle or How far are you booked out with work?
  2. What types of work or jobs do you want more of?
  3. Are there services you offer or products you sell that don’t want to market or show up for?
  4. What is your ideal coverage area?
  5. Are there other people that need help make the decision to move forward?

Review Best Practice for your Business

After our initial consultation, your marketing consultant will do some research based on their conversation with you and determine the following:

  1. We look to see how much search traffic there is based on the services you offer and your coverage area. 
  2. We look at what your competiton is spending on Google Ads.
  3. We use Google’s Keyword Planning Tool to see how much a budget is potentially need to be competitive in your industry.  This tool shows us if you spend X, you could potentially get X number of impressions and X number of clicks.  We can also see an estimated number of conversions.
  4. We see what competitors are showing up on the first page of the search results.
  5. Then we put together a recommendation based on the research and your goals.

Getting your projet started

After we’ve come to an agreement with the right marketing strategy for your business, we get started.  Here’s what that looks like:

  1. We’ll email an agreement, which we review with you to answer any questions or concerns.
  2. We’ll get your billing set up via ACH Payments.   The direct billing from Google for your Ads campaign is done via our credit card authorization form.
  3. Depending on what marketing solutions we’re starting, depends on the different access we’ll need.  SEO & Google Ads are the most common marketing solutions, so here’s a breakdown of what we’ll need from you:

Google Ads:

  1. Admin Access to your Google Analytics to set up conversion tracking and Google Tag Manager For Tracking
  2. Access to Your Google My Business Profile
  3. We’ll set Up www.callrail.com and set up your user profile so that you can add your billing information
  4. Admin Access to Your Website if it’s not a website we built to install the tracking code

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. If you website is with another company we’ll need FTP, cPanel & Admin Access Login Information
  2. The following email will need access to your Google Analytics: [email protected]
  3. The following email will need Admin Access on your Business Facebook Page: [email protected]
  4. The following email with need admin access to your Google My Business Page: [email protected]
  5. We’ll need your username and password for your Twitter Page.  If you don’t have a Twitter page, we’ll work together to build one
  6. We’ll need to fill out our Local Listings Form for the online maps and directory submissions

Lets show the world the new you

Once we have everything set up and ready to go, we’ll start your marketing strategy.  We’ll be sending you reports for all of your marketing so you know what we’re doing for your business.  Your marketing consultant will meet with you initially every month to review your results and address any concerns.  After the 3-4 months those meetings may change to every month, every 6 weeks or even every 4-6 months depending on your needs.  Our company is 100% transparent with you and the results to ensure were getting you results to grow our business.  

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Shane Ison
Shane Ison
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Joe Zeman & Valor Marketing will definitely deliver, true digital marketing professionals! Joe consistently gives us great advice and has bent over backwards to help take our business to the next level. THANK YOU Joe
Cindy Vanmeter
Cindy Vanmeter
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Love these guys! When they walked into my office I wasn’t sure they could produce what they said. They have done that and more! This company is honest and worth the money.
Dionne Los Banos
Dionne Los Banos
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Joe Z has a heart for serving his clients and potential clients. He seems to take a personal interest in helping business owners succeed. Joe rocks!
Jim Ryals
Jim Ryals
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Valor Marketing helped upgrade my website and set up my Google business site. Outstanding performance! I highly recommend Valor Marketing!!!!
Don Juan
Don Juan
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Valor Marketing developed and upgraded our firms website and have worked diligently on improving our interent search engine optimatization (SEO). They have been able to back up their goals and meet our expectations.

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