The Power of Visual Storytelling

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Ask Valor Minds
The Power of Visual Storytelling

In this podcast episode, our guest Charles Cotugno will educate you on the incredible power of visual storytelling and its impact on various professions and industries. If you own a business and want to know why having professional pictures taken for your business or why professional headshots are important for your brand, then the art of storytelling, this video is for you.

We dive into how visual storytelling can elevate your brand and captivate your audience. From creating compelling professional headshots to producing stunning commercial photography, we discuss the techniques and strategies that will help you effectively tell your story through visuals.

Our Guest Charles with debunt these myths:

MYTH: Using a candid, selfie, or unprofessional photo for your professional profile and online presence is good enough.

MYTH: Professional headshots offer no ROI.

MYTH: Even if my headshot is bad, in the long run it won’t make a difference to my clients or whomever hires me.

Throughout the video, we showcase real-life examples and provide practical tips to enhance your storytelling skills. We also explore the role of photography in digital marketing and discuss how visuals can drive engagement and conversions.

Join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets of visual storytelling and learn how visual storytelling will take your business and brand to the next level. Don’t forget to follow to our channel for more informative and inspiring content!

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Charles Bio: Charlie’s photography career began in the clubs of Boston in the late 1970s photographing local bands. Before long he was photographing major acts such as Crosby, Still, and Nash, Queen, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jimmy Buffet, and more. In New York and Los Angeles, he continued to photograph bands, many who were performing on the same bill as he was with his own bands.

In 1999 while still at Microsoft, Charlie began his business, Charles Cotugno Photography, photographing families and seniors. He also founded the non-profit organization, Stories of Autism, which organized 250 photographers throughout the U.S. to create fine art portraits and collect the stories of people in their communities living with autism.

After leaving Microsoft in 2014, Charlie turned his efforts full time to his photography business, transitioning into commercial photography. In 2018, he was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, causing fluid to gather in the inner and trigger bouts of severe vertigo. Unable to predict when these attacks would occur, he was forced to change his business model to one that didn’t include travel and large budgets. In 2022, he rebranded as a headshot photographer, opened a studio in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle. In the time since, Charlie has become one of the most sought-after headshot photographers in the Seattle area and his business has never been better. Fortunately, his Meniere’s Disease has been in remission for the last twelve months. 

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