How does Posting on Google My Business impact Local SEO?

How does Posting on Google My Business impact Local SEO?

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With 86% of people checking out businesses on Google Maps, creating a Google My Business listing, now called Google Business Profile (Yes, that is right! GMB has been substituted to (GBP) google business profile) can significantly enhance your online presence.

The first place people look for your business is your Google Business Profile. You must keep your business listing up-to-date to succeed in your digital marketing efforts. Take help from an SEO management company to fill out and update your Google Business Profile listing to be listed on Google’s first page in the local pack (Google Maps).

In what way does GMB Posting help SEO?

Maintaining your Business Profile is easy by sharing GMB posts frequently. Furthermore, when done correctly, you can enhance your search engine visibility and rank.

A carousel of your most recent GMB posts will appear underneath your Google listing, allowing visitors to click through. Thanks to recent changes, Google My Business posts continue after seven days. In its place, Google displays your 10 most recent posts (without an expiration date).

What are the ways GMB posts can boost your SEO in Tacoma?

  • Your location provides Google with location-specific signals in your posts: adding your business’ location can help Google understand what your business does, what it offers, and where it is located. When you give Google as much information as possible, they can rank you more accurately.
  • It allows you to leverage keywords: by incorporating SEO-friendly keywords related to your product or service, you can let your readers know about your next event. Your SEO ranking will improve if you use these keywords, and potential customers will find you more easily.
  • Adding GMB posts to your business profile will improve your search results position: GMB profiles provide Google with more detailed information about your business and an opportunity for customers to interact with your brand. Google prioritizes your profile in search results based on how well users engage with your listing and content.

Why include GMB Posting as a Strategy?

Marketers and SEO companies in Tacoma, WA, frequently need to acknowledge that content exposure is a significant responsibility. Search engines are becoming increasingly digital, and Google is the most popular. If a business wants to succeed, it’s crucial to take advantage of free tools like Google My Business, which is listed in 60% of businesses today.

Types of Content that needs to be shared on GMB

When running a business, it is crucial to post meaningful content that will get your potential clients interested in your products or services.

Get Offers & Specials

You can use a Google My Business page to experiment with different types of content for your business. The promotion of offers and specials can attract people to your store while showcasing your products and services to attract online shoppers.

Create Helpful Content

Customers can get a sense of the experience they will have before they walk in the door if your business is in a prominent location with a pleasant atmosphere.

Post Business Updates

You can share that information through Google My Business when you relocate or change store hours.

Event Posts

Keeping the public informed about upcoming events is a great way to increase foot traffic. It’s always possible to develop Google My Business content ideas!

Adding Photography

Show off your business’s best side by adding photos to your Google My Business listing. Remember to mention upcoming events! Your SEO services in Tacoma might suggest including photographs of your work or featuring your products to make your business stand out.

How can GMB posts improve Local SEO Strategy?

Yes, it does. GMB posting can help in multiple ways.

A verified and optimized Google My Business profile not only increases your chances of appearing in the local 3-pack but may also indirectly benefit your website’s search engine rankings. You can accomplish this by driving traffic to your website, providing social proof in the form of reviews, and submitting social signals to Google.

“Relevance, distance, and prominence” are the criteria Google uses to rank local search results.

  • Relevance – This score measures a company’s ability to match the user’s search intent. Give Google as much information as possible about your local business to increase its chances of appearing in search results.
  • Distance – Your business’s distance from the user’s location is called its distance. The location is estimated based on historical location data if the user does not specify a specific location.
  • Prominence – Lastly, Google looks at the reputation and popularity of your business when determining how well-ranked your local business is. Offline factors are typically taken into account by Google when assessing prominence. In addition, it examines articles and links off-site that are relevant to your business.

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