To make billing simple and easy, we have all of our customers set up on something called “ACH” or automatic billing. What this allows us to do is once a month, (on the 15th of every month for marketing services and on the 1st for website maintenance and support services) automatically debit your bank account for the services that you have agreed to.

In order to keep our costs low, one of our strategies has been to automate our accounting/billing services as much as possible. You will not be billed without your knowledge or permission. Three days before your account is debited, you will be sent an email to alert you to this pending activity.

Also, after your account is debited, you will be sent an email statement for your records that can serve as a paid invoice or receipt. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • This should be the primary contact for the business contact listed on the account.
  • Please note, this email address will receive the receipts and notices of billing.
  • What is the contact phone number for the person listed on this account?
  • This is typically a NINE digit number located on the bottom of one of your checks. For assistance, please call your Valor Rep.

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